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As the leading China sourcing company, we help clients source over 100 different kinds of products every day. We not only help you get competitive prices but also help you to develop the new products.

The Ultimate Kitchen Merchandise

Entrepreneur Yoav ‘birthed’ AVOSIMA America to change the way the trade industry sees cutting board

This is One Of The Most Unique Maple Wood Cutting Boards For Kitchen On The Market. It’s A Two Tier Large Wooden Cutting Board With A Double Wrap Around Juice Groove That Will Catch All The Excess Liquid In Style.

After receiving AVOSIMA’s world-first product brief, Velsion was engaged by Yoav to go out there and scour the Asian continent for suitable manufacturing partners with not only the skills, but the appetite for novel product development.

Enter Velison. Here’s how we made the amazing happen for AVOSIMA. 

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Set The Bar High.

We began research and quoting to ensure we found a manufacturing partner who understood the technical requirements combined with ultimate aesthetics. It took nearly 40 manufacturers to find a suitable partner who would put the time, energy, and resources towards developing this world first product. Then we began the process of tooling and sampling for the first round of prototypes swiftly.

Velison was able to develop the entire product range, allowing Yoav to spend all of his time and energy on the place that needs it most - spiking this incredible invention to the world, selling, marketing, networking, and building the brand up to the moon like a rocket ship.



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Velison Sourcing Supply Chain FAQs

Do you purchase the price cheaper than me?

Yes this is our advantage . beacause we are local and have more advantage to get lower prices than you, such as lower 15% -35% by your price. We arm at to help foreign small and medium companies discover valued suppliers in China.

What Products can you help us to source?

As the leading China sourcing company, we help clients source over 100 different kinds of products every day. We not only help you get competitive prices but also get more new product recommendations from factories.

We are located in Shenzhen, and our advantage lies in electronic products, apparels, bags, storage boxes, safety box, lamps, jewelry, cosmetics, wooden products, plastics, metal, furniture, toys, packaging, children products, glasses, PPE, matches, kitchen products, beddings, sexy toy, cameras, components, second forklift, pet products, outdoor, garden, mechanical equipment, battery, stationery, hardware and all of consumer products and so on. Just email us your request details: such as product photos, quantities, colors, size, product data, delivery time ….etc.

How do you search suppliers for our orders?

Normally we will give preference to those suppliers who cooperate well before cause they are tested to offer good quality and price. For those products we don’t purchase before, we do as below.

Firstly, we find out the industrial clusters of your products, like toys in Shantou,electronic products in Shenzhen, Christmas products in Yiwu.

Secondly, we search the right factories online or go around the local wholesale market depending on your requirement and quantity.

Thirdly, we ask quotation and samples for checking. Samples can be delivered to you request(sample fee and express charge is paid by your side).

If I already buy from China, can you help me to export?

Yes! After your purchasing by yourself, if you worry about the supplier can’t do as you require, we can be your assistant to push production, check quality, arrange loading, exportation, customs declaration and after-sales service. The service fee is negotiable.

How can I pay and what payment methods do you accept ?

We accept bank transfer, PayPal, Western Union, Money Gram. 30% advance payment and balance before shipment.

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