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With New Product Development projects the biggest challenge is winning supplier support. 

Working with a dedicated team of Velison specialists in your corner, your brand and products are all set to shine bright.

Appliances, tools, gadgets, stationery, and sporting goods—the hard goods category encompasses a vast range of products, and we’ve got expertise in all of them.

  • Chinese Sourcing Agent services for Umbrella

    Chinese Sourcing Agent services for Umbrella

    We are expert China sourcing agents

    Velison Sourcing help e-commerce brands and retailers to develop the products, sourcing best manufacturers to expend scale, build innovatively, and grow holistically, providing their local China office service. 

    Tprotect the user and their gear while working outdoors

    Umbrella To Protect The User And Their Gear While Working Outdoors Manufactured in China

    ORCA Bags was created to provide the best, customized bags and accessories for today’s working broadcast and cinema professionals worldwide. Their philosophy is simple

    design products that reflect the input of working industry Pros, and give them with

    the best solution to get the job done, easily, comfortably and efficiently.

    ORCA Co-Founder Ofer struggled to find an umbrella that could protect your production gear, for unexpected weather he was experiencing.

    This Umbrella is ideal for protecting your camera outdoors, rain or shine.

    Like many businesses, ORCA had issues with their existing manufacturing suppliers around improve the product orders to a higher quality.

    Enter Velison Sourcing - Here’s how we made amazing happen for ORCA Bags.

  • China Sourcing Agent for Pet Grooming Kit & vacuum

    China Sourcing Agent for Pet Grooming Kit & vacuum

    Product Sourcing & New product development

    We provide 360-degree R&D solutions, working with a customer’s designers to offer innovative solutions at every stage of development. As experts in diverse fields, we deliver ideas in a multitude of areas, including material selection, product construction and aesthetics.

    Dog Clippers Vacuum Suction 99% Hair

    Neakasa P2 Pro, an all-in-one grooming tool kit that is simple to use, effective and affordable. It provides 5 Proven Grooming Tools and collects 99% of pet hair with a vacuum built-in. Features a powerful vacuuming system that brings your grooming to the next level. Specially designed for home pets, its vacuuming collects harmful particles from grooming.

There are more type of products not listed. We can help you in China. Find out more products for your next succeed projects
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