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Discover decorative inspiration for your room to create a joyful living space across the entire homewares category – we make amazing happen for you from cutting board to bed base.

Homewares subcategories include: 

Kitchenware and Bedding and dinner sets Rugs and home decoration

  • Your Best China Sourcing Agent for Cutting Board

    Your Best China Sourcing Agent for Cutting Board

    Start Your Strategic Procurement Planning

    As the leading China sourcing company, we help clients source over 100 different kinds of products every day. We not only help you get competitive prices but also help you to develop the new products.

    The Ultimate Kitchen Merchandise

    Entrepreneur Yoav ‘birthed’ AVOSIMA America to change the way the trade industry sees cutting board

    This is One Of The Most Unique Maple Wood Cutting Boards For Kitchen On The Market. It’s A Two Tier Large Wooden Cutting Board With A Double Wrap Around Juice Groove That Will Catch All The Excess Liquid In Style.

    After receiving AVOSIMA’s world-first product brief, Velsion was engaged by Yoav to go out there and scour the Asian continent for suitable manufacturing partners with not only the skills, but the appetite for novel product development.

    Enter Velison. Here’s how we made the amazing happen for AVOSIMA. 

  • Product Sourcing Services to Import from China-Smart Safe Box

    Product Sourcing Services to Import from China-Smart Safe Box

    Make your life easy- To Save Your Time and Money and Get Your China Office Services

    Looking to source, manufacture, inspect or ship your next product from China? Whether this is your first or your 10,000th product, we’re here to help at some steps.

    The safe box is a biometric safe equipped with an advanced biometric sensor and uniquely large scanning surface for fingerprint detection. Scan your finger at any angle for a quick, convenient, and secure unlock.

    Offer additional protection for your valuables

    With the hidden compartment at the bottom, the safe box provides you a more secure and private storing space.

    For easy use in dark environment

    The safe has interior light that turns on upon opening of the safe door, ensuring worry-free use experience in dark environment.

There are more type of products not listed. We can help you in China. Find out more products for your next succeed projects
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