Why Velison

Why Velison? 

Before starting Velison, I was an online seller on TradeMe, New Zealand’s local auction site.

1. I had a hard time finding wholesale and manufacturers with real wholesale prices…

2. It was difficult to find suppliers who would work with a new business and offer low or no minimum orders…

3. I couldn’t tell whether a supplier was legitimate, or if they would take my money and run…

4. I struggled to decide which products to sell and when to sell them…

5. The amount of information out there was overwhelming, but so much of it was out of date, low in quality, or just plain wrong…


I wasted a lot of time trying to find the right suppliers, products, and info. Everything I needed to be successful was scattered between a bunch of websites, tools, and training resources.

Despite these challenges, I did manage to run a profitable online business (eventually), and other sellers took notice and began asking me how I did it.

My answers weren’t very satisfying because my success was due to a lot of trial and error. This made me realize there had to be a better way...

So I teamed up with Eric Zhang, a successful Internet entrepreneur, and started Velison to give sellers everything they need to be successful in one affordable place.

At Velison, you’ll get…

Experience: Teamwork makes the dream work. At Velison, we firmly believe in the power of collaboration. Both inside and outside our organization. We have sourcing professionals with years of experience in sourcing, logistics, manufacturing, and more that are fluent in both Mandarin and English. 

Understand Chinese Culture: With years of experience living and working in China, we understand even the smallest nuances in both personal and business culture.

We Make Others Successful: We are an essential part of our customer's process. We love to create products that arrive in time so our customers can deliver amazing products to their customers.

It's In The DetailsSourcing and manufacturing successfully are all about details. Get them right from the start and the process will be smooth and efficient.

We Love To Help: Sourcing and manufacturing is a complex process. Especially if you do it in China. We love to give service, support and solve problems, so our customers feel safe and relaxed.

No Conflict Of Interest:  Velison forbids our employees from selling on Amazon FBA, or any other platform.

What makes Velison Different than other Sourcing Companies? 

Fully Transparent Sourcing

Velison is fully transparent, and you'll be able to connect directly with the factory, without any middlemen. At the end of our sourcing process, you'll get a detailed list of fully vetted factories. This includes detailed quotes, negotiated by our skilled negotiators. We create a custom ranking system for each project based on your requirements to ensure that the factories we choose are perfect for you.  We even put the whole process in the cloud so you can follow our work at every step.

Velison is one of the only sourcing companies that does NOT work on commission. We offer a flat rate, quoted at the beginning so that you know exactly what you pay. No hidden fees. Check out our pricing for our Simple Sourcing packages

For every project, Velison creates a custom-tailored rating system based on what’s most important to you in a supplier.  Velison factors include cost, quality, living wages, environmentally friendly, and much more. We use this rating system to create a decision matrix when we evaluate suppliers so that you end up with the best supplier possible for your product!

Our Advantages

Lower Costs
More Resources
Lower Risk
Flexible & Customized
Hassle Free
Kitting & Assembly
Lower Costs

Although prices are moderately lower in China, it’s quite a bad deal to establish an overseas office and hire staff to operate it for China procurement. The good news is that Velison offers a better alternative. Serving as an order fulfillment agent, Velison assists you in purchasing products from China.

Based in the largest sourcing destination, Velison makes the most of this favorable location, thus can efficiently locate suppliers and shorten the supply chain. And for this reason, Velison allows you to cut off costs, enjoy professional procurement services, surely at the best prices, and gain great benefits from China.

More Resources

It’s definitely not that easy to find right suppliers.

However, applying tactical local sourcing strategies and collaborating with China-based factories and industry alliances, Velison is skilled in managing Chinese suppliers and has abundant high-quality sourcing resources at command, so with millions of products manufactured in China we can get you connected and assure product quality.

Lower Risk

Purchasing directly from online suppliers is not only time-consuming, but can be a troublesome and risky task. Fortunately, Velison helps you identify and verify suppliers based on accumulated sourcing experiences together with technological means, and interconnects you with reliable suppliers.

Flexible & Customized

Featured as an innovative and flexible partner, Velison offers customized sourcing services, which includes but is not limited to sample purchase, quality check, MOQ and mold fee inquiries, goods pick-up, assisting in customs clearance and duties reduction. With personnel well experienced, we are able to fully understand and meet your specific needs.

Hassle Free

People often see growing business opportunities from sourcing in China, but neglect that time differences, cultural differences and languages could be obstacles. But now you can rest easy for Velison would surely rescue you from this kind of “heavy lifting”. And you don’t need to deal with five or six companies, but just Velison, for we can decrease communication misunderstandings, follow up with domestic tracking information, facilitate higher efficiency and ease your headache.

Kitting & Assembly

Need help to combine multiple components into new product kits before delivery or group and assemble your products from different suppliers? Partner with Velison to enhance your supply chain and simplify the distribution process.

Product Procurement

Plan/ Product Planning

Velison works with you to make sure that you have everything you need to start your project. We help you create a Product Spec Sheet, so that you are fully prepared to get your product made exactly how you want it. This is to make sure that the end result is exactly the product you want but also can be understood and carried out by the manufacturer.

Product Sourcing/ Sourcing +Development +Samples

We find, talk to and evaluate suppliers on your behalf. To find suppliers we use more than 10 different resources to create a large list of suppliers, then we evaluate them based on a custom rating system designed with you. We then deliver a sourcing report with the final suppliers and make the whole process completely transparent so you have the full info. Sometimes, the supplier don’t want to develop the complex product with small quantity, but Velison can help. Whether it is consistency, reliability, price, or engineering capability that you are after - Velison has you covered.

Product Sourcing/ Sourcing +Development +Samples

Velison will send someone to visit the factory and meet with the management, double-check the authenticity of the factory and inspect all equipment to make sure that it can be used. We then sit down and negotiate with them to finalize the details of the production of your product. While visiting the factory we will complete a full and detailed factory audit and deliver a report to you.

We manage everything to do with your manufacturing - including perfecting sample prototypes, handling quality control, expert negotiation.

SHIP/ Shipping + Importing

We will communicate with freight forwarder to arrange pickup and delivery. We will manage customs documentation including HS Codes/Tariffs and certificates. As soon as the pickup is done we monitor tracking information, customs clearance and schedule delivery to your desired location.

For all your professional and industrial product needs,

count on Velison Sourcing supply chain for fast and reliable service in China.

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