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We make amazing happen for you- If you don’t have time to manage the procurement, production manufacturing and avoid to get bad quality production, here we are!

Velison Sourcing can help you to save time and make your dream come true. And you just focus on scaling your brand and drive the next business growth

The Personal Care category requires technical expertise and sound knowledge of product development and manufacturing stages to convert your brilliant concept into a product your target market will love. We’ve got those skills in spades.

Expertise in every personal care subcategory, including: 

Jewelry, Skincare, Cosmetics , Beauty tools, Adult toys

  • New Product Development Solutions for Skin Care Products

    New Product Development Solutions for Skin Care Products

    In today’s market, having a successful product is more than just creating a great product. It involves the entire process, from development to production to sourcing the right ingredients. This is where we step in. We focus on new product development, production management and product sourcing to provide our customers with the best skin care products. Our expertise in these areas allows us to manage ingredient samples at each step and offer various certification options including hala and kosher certification.

    For the cosmetics and skin care products, we focus on they are formulated with the highest quality ingredients sourced from around the world. Through our product sourcing and stewardship services, we carefully negotiate transactions with suppliers who meet our high standards of quality and ethical sourcing. We also manage every step of the manufacturing process to ensure consistency, and each of our skincare products is rigorously tested to ensure they meet our stringent safety and efficacy standards.



  • Sourcing Solutions for Adult Toy

    Sourcing Solutions for Adult Toy

    Your procurement expert

    We provide the full sourcing solutions for you. We help client to develop the products, sourcing best manufacturers in China, creating their local China office.

    Winning Supplier Support: 

    With New Product Development projects the biggest challenge is winning supplier support. Factories normally do not like these projects as it breaks their “Mass Production” business model and requires them to make a lot of effort initially with no guarantees of large orders or the product being successful.

    Manufactured in China.

    VVCH, was created to provide best services, they’re for the beginners, for the nervous, for the curious, for the brave. 

    After receiving VVCH product brief, Our team was engaged by Ella to go out there and scour the China for suitable manufacturing partners with not only the skills, but the appetite for novel product development. 

  • Small Trial Orders Solutions in China for Moissanite & CZ diamonds

    Small Trial Orders Solutions in China for Moissanite & CZ diam...

    Cost-effective And Sustainable Choice E Sourcing Platforms

    If you want to place the trial order but looks you cannot find available suppliers, then you can come to us. Velison Sourcing have full supply chain in China, we can easy to help you for any industrial.

    A unique alternative to other diamonds-Manufactured in China.

    Best Jewelry Company is the leader of Jewelry industrial, Jewelry is cool, and everyone like it.

    Guy, founder and brainchild of Best Jewelry had a successful business selling the diamonds but he prefer to find the better quality with lower price of course manufactured with Velison’s help.

    Moissanite is one of the most popular exquisite gemstones nowadays, serving as a gorgeous, cost-effective and sustainable choice for so many. As a unique alternative to other diamonds, Moissanite diamonds stones produce an extraordinarily brilliant effect of shimmer and shine.

    Here’s how we made amazing happen for Best Jewelry.

There are more type of products not listed. We can help you in China. Find out more products for your next succeed projects
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